Join us!

The spirit of open-source is about community and collaboration. A successful project thrives from a strong community.

We appreciate your support and contributions, and we welcome you to join our community!

Getting the code

Sensei is hosted on Github using the Git version control system. You can get the code with:

git clone git://

Building the code

SenseiDB uses Apache Maven for building.

Go into top-level directory for Sensei, e.g. $SENSEI_HOME and do:



Start your Zookeeper instance: (You can start your own Zookeeper cluster by following instructions here), from $SENSEI_HOME, do

./bin/ \ 

You can run the unit test with the following command: (Make sure Zookeeper is running):

mvn test


Read documentation and code to power-up on Sensei knowledge.

Ask questions on our Mailing List and meet the community.

Reporting Bugs

We use Jira for issue tracking.

Bug reports are incredibly helpful, so take time to report bugs and request features in our ticket tracker. We are always grateful for patches to Sensei’s code.

Bug reports with attached patches will get fixed far quicker than those without any.

Pull requests

We love yummy pull requests. If you have a patch, send it our way and boost your karma.