Console Application

A useful tool to interact with Sensei


Getting to the console application:

Sensei comes with a web application for you to interact with your Sensei cluster.

Each Sensei node embeds the console application running on the port specified by the setting, e.g.: = 8080
After you start a node on the local machine, you can get to the application via the url: http://localhost:8080

Using the console application:

The application splits into 3 panels:

  1. The left panel contains various parameters needed to build a Sensei request.
  2. The middle panel displays the request to be sent to the cluster. This panel shows both the JSON and BQL to be sent to the server.
  3. The right panel displays the results after clicking on the execute button
The upper-right-hand corner contains the edit mode links. This allows you set edit mode (default, vi, emacs) used to edit the request.

Production use:

We found this tool to be very useful in debugging production systems. In situations where we want to reproduce a problem by replay a certain query (e.g. unexpected results, 0 hits, long latency etc.), we can grab the request from the sensei-query.log file and paste to the console application and tweak the request.