Chapter 10. BQL: Browsing Query Language

Table of Contents

What is BQL?
BNF Grammar for BQL
BNF Notation
BQL Grammar
BQL Statement Syntax
DESCRIBE Statement
SELECT Statement
Query Examples
Basic Query
Queries with Limited Number of Results
Queries with Basic Conditions
Queries with AND, OR, and NOT Logic in Value Selections
Having Search Results Sorted
Queries with Full Text Search
Queries with Group By
Getting Facet Information Using Browse By Clause
Queries with Run-Time Facet Handler Initialization Parameters

What is BQL?

BQL stands for Browsing Query Language. It is an SQL-like language that provides Sensei users easy access to the database if they have experience using traditional relational databases.

BQL was originally proposed as a query language for Bobo. Now it is being developed and bundled with Sensei, and used by both Sensei and Sin.