Demo Configuration

The configuration for the demo application can be found at:, which contains the following files:

Data Model

The data model is described in schema.xml:

 <table uid="id" delete-field="" skip-field="">
   <column name="color" type="string" />
   <column name="category" type="string" />
   <column name="city" type="string" />
   <column name="makemodel" type="string" />
   <column name="year" type="int" />
   <column name="price" type="float" />
   <column name="mileage" type="int" />
   <column name="tags" type="string" multi="true" delimiter=","/>
   <column name="contents" type="text" index="ANALYZED" store="NO" termvector="NO" />  
   <facet name="color" type="simple" depends=""/>
   <facet name="category" type="simple" />
   <facet name="city" type="path">
       <param name="separator" value="/" />
   <facet name="makemodel" type="path" />
   <facet name="year" type="range">
       <param name="range" value="1993-1994" />
       <param name="range" value="1995-1996" />
       <param name="range" value="1997-1998" />
       <param name="range" value="1999-2000" />
       <param name="range" value="2001-2002" />
   <facet name="mileage" type="range">
       <param name="range" value="*-12500" />
       <param name="range" value="12501-15000" />
       <param name="range" value="15001-17500" />
       <param name="range" value="17501-*" />
   <facet name="price" type="range">
          <param name="range" value="*,6700" />
          <param name="range" value="6800,9900" />
          <param name="range" value="10000,13100" />
          <param name="range" value="13200,17300" />
          <param name="range" value="17400,*" />
   <facet name="tags" type="multi" />

This corresponds to the following data table:

color category city makemodel year price mileage tags contents
meta/structured yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no
type string string string string int float int string text
facet simple simple path path range range range multi N/A